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– 111 Bussell Hwy – Upstairs –

– Margaret River -Open 7 Days –

-Golf Simulator - Virtual Reality - Arcade - Racing Simulator-

TruGolf Golf Simulator



Our Vista 12 series TruGolf Simulator will provide the ultimate indoor golfing experience.

Shelter from the rainy days or blistering heat in our air-conditioned driving range and challenge yourself or your group to competitions, driving/putting practice, or play holes from tee to green on over 30 of the worlds most famous courses.
Play with friends or alone, balls, tees and clubs provided (BYO Friends)

With full HD projection and Tru-Track accuracy, our simulator is bound to impress!

– 1/2 hour session $25 – 1 hour session $40 –


Virtual Reality Room


This is the ultimate gaming experience you have been looking for!

Putting on the Vive headset and immerse yourself in a world of you’r choice!
Washes away the real world with fantastical experiences from climbing Everest to swimming the worlds oceans ,First Person Zombie survival shooters to futuristic space pilot sims!

Try it and love it!

-15 minute session $15 – 1/2 hour session $25 – 1 hour session $40 –



Pro Racing Simulator



Have you ever wanted to drive a real race car?
Well our professional Racing Sim can get you close enough that you’ll hardly notice the difference!

Choose from a large variety of cars from the classic 1968 Ford Escort to a modern day Super-car and test your driving skill on a number of famous tracks from around the world!
Able to simulate almost any track, car and weather condition its as close to the real thing as you can get!

– Available in Super-Wide Monitor Mode or Occulus V.R –

– 10 minute session $5 – 15 minute session $15 – 30 minute session $25 –





Get back to the ‘good old days’ and test your skills on a collection of much loved and missed games.


Popular food and drink items will be available all day…and of course there will be…
Pop corn a plenty!!

See you there!

Come and get your Game On!

(08) 9774 5654
1/111 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River 6285

           Bookings Available | Open To The Public | Lock-In Night($25)
Monday:       10am - 12pm     -    12pm - 6pm      -        N/A
Tuesday:      10am - 12pm     -    12pm - 6pm      -        N/A
Wednesday:    10am - 12pm     -    12pm - 6pm      -        N/A
Thursday:     10am - 12pm     -    12pm - 6pm      -        N/A
Friday:       10am - 12pm     -    12pm - 6pm      -     6pm - 7:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays:   -    10am - 6pm      -        N/A